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This Holidays in the Snow - 28 September 2020
Spring Skiing at Cardrona!

Spring is well and truly here with sun/wind/rain/snow often all in the same day, yep, it’s variable! And then some days there’s winter powder, other days spring slush, and at other times, everything in between!

But there’s nothing more certain, it’s warm, less crowded, and we think just more fun skiing and riding in spring! And this year like no others, it’s perfect time to get the family up into the snow, especially if it’s your first time. And don't forget, now we're back at Level 1 social distancing is not required. 

So, the first day of the holidays, let's take a look at who’s open, and what you can expect.  

Ski Area Closing Dates 2020?

  • Whakapapa. Open.  Closing date Sunday November 15
  • Turoa. Open.  Closing date 18 October as scheduled, then open for long weekends (Friday, Sat, Sun, Monday weather permitting)  for 4 weeks thru to 16th Nov. 10am to 3.30pm
  • Broken River. Aiming to be open again Wednesday 30 September.
  • Mt Hutt. Open. Anticipated closing date Sunday 11 October 2020
  • Cardrona. Open. Closing date Sunday October 18, 2020
  • Treble Cone. Closed (closed officially Sunday 20 September 2020, opened 25th, 26th, 27th September)
  • Coronet Peak. Closed (Sunday 27 September 2020)
  • The Remarkables. Open. Anticipated closing date Sunday 11 October 2020 

The Weather?

As of today (Monday) many will know that NZ is in the midst of a pretty major storm, delivering high winds, cold temps, and snow to sea level in the deep South. Both Wanaka and Queenstown this morning have been blanketed in snow! Both Cardrona and the Remarks have had 20-30cm of new snow in the past 48 hours, with a little more to come. And it’s been COLD. Expect windblown, wintery snow. The weather should be clearing Tuesday and Wednesday looks like THE day. On Friday the weather drifts back in with snow and rain Fri/Sat.

In Canterbury similar story, not quite as much snow but more forecast today, clearing gradually Tuesday then Wednesday looking mighty fine! Fri/Sat will be cloudy with potentially higher winds.

In the North Island, high wind and snow persists through until Tuesday. Rain is turning to snow with up to 30cm forecast, clearing gradually Wednesday. Thursday looks like the day, with Friday pretty tidy as well before weather starts moving back in Saturday.

Overall, once this storm clears, there will be some great skiing for all, from powderhounds to beginners!

Industry News

We’ve been on the road so didn’t get a chance to post the news, but we alluded to it, a new chair at Mt Hutt. Woohoo! It’s an 8 seater that replaces the current Quad, in exactly the same line, not to the top as reported in some outlets. This is great news and we’d expect to see the area being able to stay open when there are higher winds in the base, move more people in the terrain park, ease congestion for the lower mountain, and importantly, improve opening times as there should be less de-icing required. All going well we’ll see the lift for the 2021 season.

What else might we see this summer? Probably a few improvements at Treble Cone, many of which you won’t actually see. Think power upgrades and snow making, and we’re sure more. At Cardrona? Well, now the Pringles Chair is open to a new home, and Soho is available, you might see it open some new terrain. 2021 season? Maybe not, but hopefully soon!   

Deal(s) of the week

It’s that time of year, early bird season pass sale for some! Here’s a quick roundup

  • 3 Peaks Season Pass (Coronet, Remarkables, Mt Hutt) - $699 for an Adult, ending 31 October. Same price as last season.
  • Mt Hutt Season Pass. Adult $449 (up from $379) and the mid-week pass ($349) is back. Ends Oct 31.
  • Porters. Adult $399, technically only available until their closing day, and they are closed. But it is still available it appears.
  • Expected soon … Cardrona/Treble Cone, Mt Ruapehu and we’re sure some of the smaller areas will soon be publishing offers.

Get in quick, before it’s too late and lock in the 2021 season, surely it will be a great one!

With fresh snow and good riding to be had, don’t pack your skis away just yet. Break out the BBQ and sunscreen and head to the hills for some chilled spring skiing!