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Level 2, Let's go skiing!
Scanning in at Mt Cheeseman

The good news you will have heard is that as of 11.59pm September 7th, New Zealand, with the exception of Auckland, moved to (Delta) Level 2. Woohoo, that means ski areas are OPEN!

Even better news, there’s snow happening and more to come this week, so we get two treats in a week!

But you might remember like last year, there are a few things we need to do, to make sure everyone is safe, and that we can keep the ski areas open. In particular, mask wearing is far more important with the new Delta strain. You don’t need a hospital grade N95, but you can’t just pull up your merino either. Ideally it should be a decent quality mask, but areas will also accept “buffs” and similar. Remember, in a lift queue or on a lift you will be in close proximity to others you may not know, so it’s absolutely vital that you do stick to the rules.

So, the Rules ...

  1. If you’re sick, please stay at home. And if you have COVID symptoms, get a test.
  2. Scan in, everywhere you can.
  3. Wear a mask when on ski area transport, in a lift queue, on a lift, or in any building such as ski rental or a cafe
  4. Cafés will have limits of 50 people inside, meaning it may be tricky to gain access or order food. So …  
  5. Use your car as your day lodge. And ideally, bring your own lunch to avoid having to enter a café.

There will be minor variations to these requirements at each ski area, including scanning. At Cardrona, Treble Cone, Coronet Peak and the Remarkables, you will have to scan in on the way up the road.  At Ruapehu you will have to scan in at the base area, as you will need to do at most smaller ski areas. In addition, you may have to scan in every time you enter a building such as ski rental or a cafe.

Spring Skiing!

We’ve done the whole level 2 thing before, and while mildly inconvenient at least we can get our there skiing, and it’s looking like a bumper spring.

This week for example, we’ve got a good spring storm, bringing fresh snow! Expect snow at every ski area in the country over the next few days. It’s snowing today for example in Canterbury and Ruapehu, but the Southern Lakes get their fair share in the next few days too.

So now is a perfect time to drag the skis back out and get a few more days in! Dependant on the ski area, there’s anywhere from a bit under 2 weeks to go (Roundhill) to just under 6 weeks for Cardrona.  Let's end 2021 on a good note!

Lastly, remember …

  1. Scan in, on the road or when you enter a building, dependant on the ski area
  2. Wear a mask, it’s mandatory
  3. Use your vehicle as your day lodge and think about bringing your own lunch

It may be that this cause some delays, so as we’ve been asked to do so often, let's be considerate. The ski area crews are working hard to make it happen for us!