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Tips and Tricks
Making your trip to the snow the best it can be!


Where is the best place to ski in New Zealand?

Where is the best place to ski in New Zealand? That of course is a very subjective question, becuase we’re all different right?!  It’s going to vary depending on your skill level, budget, and if you’re a couple or a family. Read on and we’ll help uncover where you might find your best day ever on the snow!  

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How to Choose the Right Ski?

Choosing the right ski is an important decision and will determine how much fun you have on the mountain. Here’s how to find which ski is right for you.

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Learning to Ski: Lessons and Packages

Going to school when on the mountain may not sound so tempting right? But ski school could potentially be the best fun you have ever had, in a classroom that offers a view beyond the windows of ‘Room 4’.

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Winter Driving Tips

Here’s a few winter driving tips if you're planning a winter road trip or driving to the slopes.

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Ski Gloves, Mittens and Socks!

In the final installment of what to wear to the snow, we cover what is needed to keep your hands warm and your feet dry.

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What to wear to the snow - Layers

Everything you need to know about what to wear when going to the snow.

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6 tips for taking your kids to the snow

The snow is cold so make sure you prepare your children for it. They don't handle it as well us as adults!

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Choosing Waterproof Levels of Outerwear?

When heading to the mountain you should be prepared for unpredictable weather. Ensuring that you are organised right from the beginning is the best way to do this – and it all starts at your clothing.

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Tips For Fitting Car Chains

Part of the winter season’s bag of tricks is throwing wintery road conditions our way. Some of New Zealand’s mountains have some hair-raising access roads, so in cold conditions snow chains are an essential.

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