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Early Bird Season Passes - Out Now!

We reported a couple of days ago that the Ruapheu 2020 season pass pricing was out, and we’re now seeing pricing released by the others areas. Aside from a few price changes, the big change this season is the shortening of the sale period to Oct 31, so this season you will have to be quick! Let's take a look. 

Mt Ruapehu Season Pass 

As a quick recap of our previous post. A 2020 season pass for Whakapapa and Turoa will cost $449, up from $399 the previous year. And of interest, they have introduced a midweek pass for $349 which we love the idea of given how busy Ruapehu gets. And if you buy a 2020 season pass now, you'll get the last week of this season for free!

Buy your 2020 Mt Ruapehu Season Pass here until October 31.

NZSki - 3 Peak Pass

NZSki, owners of Coronet Peak, The Remarkables and Mt Hutt have released their 3 Peak Pass, valid at all three mountains. This year it’s $699, up from $649 last year. Interestingly the senior rate has gone down to $279 from $349 and the student rate has gone up to $389 from $349. The big catch however is that last year the sale extended to 31 Jan, this season you have to buy it by October 31. You'd have to say, with 3 great ski areas for $699, this is a really good value pass. 

Note that if you live in Canterbury, Mt Hutt releases a season pass called the ... “Mt Hutt Pass”, last year this was $349. This season it's seen a small increase to $379, still one of, if not THE, best value pass in the country. Understandably, at this price they sold a lot of passes we hear. The next two closest options to Hutt are Mt Dobson and Porters, both smaller areas and both have yet to release pricing. This season Dobson was the cheapest at $199 (a limited 40th promotion) and Porters more expensive at $499.  And don't forget that both Mt Hutt and Porters offer FREE skiing for kids 10 and under, so there is nowhere more affordable in the country for families to ski. We love that! 

Buy your 3 Peak Pass for Coronet Peak, The Remarkables and Mt Hutt here until October 31.  The Mt Hutt Season Pass sale is on from Nov 1 2019 to March 31 2020, grab yourself a deal!  

Cardrona Season Pass

Cardrona has also released their annual "price freeze" pass, $950 for a 2020 season pass, the same as the pass price you could buy until March 31 last season. This makes them the most expensive pass in the country but arguably still good value due to reliable snow, pretty stable weather and a quality operation. But, from 1 Nov - March 31 the early bird pricing will be released (this was $950 last season), so let’s expect a November 1 price of $999 (or more). Then they will have a shoulder April – May, and then full price from 1 June, which this season was $1299. Unfortunately they haven't yet released what the next tier of prices will be.

But, they also offer a pass valid for outside the school holidays for $699, which is our pick, simply as it will be somewhat less busy and thus good value. Again, it must be purchased by October 31.  

Buy your 2020 Cardrona Season Pass here until October 31.

Treble Cone Season Pass? 

Treble Cone, no word just yet, but should Cardrona get permission to buy them, let’s just assume it’s going to be at least $999 or more, which might be the price point Cardrona sets from Nov 1. But then, you might see an intro offer ... Time will tell.  Either way, we'd expect the pass to be a dual mountain Cardrona/Treble Cone pass with the same pricing, possibly with a slightly cheaper (???) TC only pass as they try to shift people from Cardrona to TC. Could that happen? 

2020 Season Pass Early Bird Pricing Compared

  Mt Ruapehu Cardrona (+Treble Cone?) NZSki (3 Peak) Mt Hutt
Adult $449 $950 $699 $379
Student $429 TBA $389 $319
Youth $269 (5-17) $289 (6-17) $279 (6-17) $209
Child $99 (5-10) - - $5 (10 & under)
Child (5 & under) Free Free Free  
Senior $449 (65+) $549 (65-74) $279 (65+) $319 65+
Super Senior Free (70+) Free (over 75) $279 (65+)  
Day Rate (2019) $129 $120 $129 $119
Sale end date Oct 31st 2019 Oct 31st 2019 Oct 31st 2019 31 March 2020


Overall then, only modest price rises at best, but the big change is the shortening of the sale periods. That means the longer you delay, the higher the price.  Season passes generally represent amazing value, ranging from 3 days to 8 days at full day rates to “get your money’s worth”.  But, they lock you into an area, which you could argue is good or bad, and you’re committed, regardless of the weather and the season. For that however, you'll get the best deal and the most affordable skiing for you or your family. 

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